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Apparel Design

Apparel Design prepares students to meet the highest requirements of the fashion industry and articulate their own unique vision through the clothing they design and make. Emphasizing conceptual rigor matched by strong artistic and technical skills, the program guides majors through each stage of the apparel design process—from concept sketches to beautifully executed wearables.

In the studio

Apparel Design majors explore a range of materials and learn pattern drafting, draping and construction, while becoming adept at using high-end industry software to design and render clothing. Practical skill-building is supported by the examination of historical and cultural context, with grounding in the workings of the fashion industry.

"I came to RISD to do great things. If there's a lecture or a meeting, I go. RISD is such a great community. There are no labels here. People come from all different backgrounds and are encouraged to do what they want. I am a part of so many groups. If this was high school me, I wouldn't be doing any of this."

Atalanta Shi BFA 2017

Atalanta Shi BFA 2017

Coleen Chan BFA 2017

Jamall Osterholm BFA 2017

Noah Pica BFA 2017

Paige Ryan BFA 2017

Taylor Greenberg Goldy BFA 2016

Sade Butt BFA 2016

Adam Dalton Blake BFA 2016

Sarah Sullivan BFA 2016

"Apparel Design is founded on a rigorous approach to traditional making and craftsmanship that is thoroughly embedded in creative practice. This method is fully activated as students freely explore and delve into how and why the dressing of the human body becomes such a potent means of communication, reaction and provocation."

Apparel Design alumni make their mark as creative professionals in whatever way suits them best. Some launch their own lines and find a market niche, while others work as designers for retail leaders such as Calvin Klein, the Gap, Urban Outfitters and more. Many pursue personal interests in costume design, knitwear, hat design, shoe design, custom tailoring, materials research and more…

Nicole Miller BFA 73 | industry leader

Popular around the world, Nicole Miller’s designs continue to stand out on the runway. In 2013 she earned the Spirit of Design Award for outstanding contributions to the world of design and for her generosity in working with students and young designers. Launched in 1982, Miller’s label now includes women’s apparel, handbags, footwear, jewelry, bridal wear and men’s sportswear. She credits RISD with inspiring her sense of freedom and creativity, and remains connected with the college as a visiting critic and mentor to RISD students, as well as a trustee.

By the time she entered her senior year, Katie Gallagher had gained the confidence to follow her own instincts in creating a totally black degree project collection – despite industry warnings against that. Now, the New York Times calls her “magnificent,” New York magazine says she’s among Manhattan’s top six designers and R29 pronounces her the “quirky cool darling of the fashion world.” Gallagher designs clothing for women using a process she picked up at RISD, starting at the easel and later turning her futuristic paintings into fabulous fashion.

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